Airforms’ Engineering launches 2015 presentation: Using DERs for Major Repairs and Alterations

A preferred provider of aeronautical engineering services for airlines and private operators, Airforms’ engineering group is announcing completion of a presentation titled “Using DERs for Major Repairs and Alterations.”  This presentation, available on the newsfeed at our website, outlines how aircraft owners, operators and maintainers can take advantage of the FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) system in support of improved safety and reduced operating cost.

“We are pleased to offer this presentation as part of our effort to have a positive impact on the aviation community.  Our goal is simple: to improve safety and reduce operational cost when it comes to flying airplanes,” said Kyle Taylor, Chief Engineer, “the FAA DER system is generally underutilized in our community because of perceived obscurity, high cost and administrative burden – we are seeking to share our knowledge of the FAA system to dissolve some of these misperceptions.  Using a DER for major repairs and alterations often makes economical and practical sense, especially considering our aging fleet.”

The presentation was prepared in support of a 2015 speaking tour, including recent IA renewal seminars in Des Moines, IA and Milwaukee, WI.  Upcoming speaking dates include February 24 and 25 at the Alaska Air Carriers Association annual trade show in Anchorage, AK, and March 30th at the Minnesota AMT Conference in Minneapolis MN.  Additional dates will be announced throughout the year.

Airforms is the world’s leading supplier of replacement engine baffles for a wide range of general aviation aircraft; products also include an expanding line of turboprop aircraft PMA parts, STCs, and hard to source parts for fleet operators.  Airforms maintains an FAA approved manufacturing system for PMA parts, supported by an engineering department with FAA DER staff engineers.

For more information, including a secure online marketplace and catalog, visit  Airforms operates from 7 AM to 7 PM CST business days and can be reached directly at 907-892-8244.

Airforms Inc 2015 Presentation DERs for Major repairs and alterations

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